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CuddleKitty Basket

CuddleKitty Basket

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Your cat's well-being is a priority, discover the "CuddleKitty" basket.

This cozy nest is specially designed to give your cat a feeling of security and warmth, thanks to its padded walls and soft interior.

Its enveloping circular design allows your feline to snuggle up comfortably while staying protected from the cold.

Give your cat unparalleled moments of relaxation.


Made of high quality PP cotton.



Length 31 - Width 30 - Height 28

Weight < 3 kg


Length 40 - Width 40 - Height 32

Weight < 7 kg

L :

Length 48 - Width 45 - Height 37

Weight: All cats


High rebound without collapsing, the cat sleeps at ease, the shape of the semi-closed package conforms to the hidden nature of cats

Package contents

Cat house*1, Removable double-sided pillow*1 Ball*1

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CuddleKitty Basket