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TimeMeal Bowl

TimeMeal Bowl

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This "TimeMeal" bowl revolutionizes your feline's meals.

Thanks to its programmable opening system, you can now easily set your cat's meal times.

This smart bowl ensures regular and balanced meals, even when you're away from home.

No more worrying about meal times, "TimeMeal" is there to make your companion's life even more pleasant.


Plastic: ABS


Product size: 28.4*7.3*42.2cm

Battery Type

1*AA, allowing up to 6 months of autonomy "Depending on the quality of the battery used"

Note: The battery is not included.


Capacity: 350ml*2 / 150g*2

Net weight: 730g

Operating temperature: 0 C ~ 50 C

Instructions for use

1. Regular quantitative feeding, short-distance travel don't worry, free customization and matching to get a healthy diet, you are not at home, pets also need to eat well, regular quantitative meals to solve problems feeding
2. Lightweight and easy to carry, can be used in any place, and you can take cute animals to picnics outside or anywhere
3. After 10-12H, the supporting ice bag continues to emit cold air, blocking the feeder's external heat transfer to form a closed cold preservation space, and the long-term preservation of moist grain can reach 24 hours
4. The partition design can be disassembled and washed all over the body, and the partition design can be disassembled and washed, which is more hygienic to use without dead corners
5. Rotary snap closure to firmly prevent theft, rotary snap closure is firm to prevent theft, and pets cannot be opened by mistake
6. Clock timing principle, long battery life, use time up to 6 months
7. Dry and wet food to promote nutritional balance, dry pet food can be placed in a large capacity of 700ml, configured to provide small and medium-sized pets to eat 2 meals.

8. Even if you set the same time for both sides, it may open in different time (±30 minutes). Please note. THANKS.

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