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FloralFelineGroomer Brush

FloralFelineGroomer Brush

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Give your four-legged friend gentle and effective grooming sessions with this "FloralFelineGroomer" brush.

Featuring soft bristles and rounded edges, this brush gently removes tangles, dirt and loose hair while gently massaging your feline.

Thanks to "FluffyCare", give your furry friend a shiny and neat coat, while strengthening the emotional bond that unites you.


ABS, stainless steel




The cat brush mental pins for short-haired cats have round rubber tips on the ends. As a cat detangling brush, it is perfect for combing and massaging your pets without scratching your pet's skin, even sensitive skin.

1. An ergonomic handle and can clean or massage pets more deeply.
2. Suitable for dogs or cats of all sizes and hair styles, it can remove loose hair, tangles and dirt.
3. Made of stainless steel needles with 140 degree bend and silicone protection points.

Package contents

1 * Cat Detangling Brush

Instructions for use

After brushing your pet, just click the button. The shutter will come out, separating the brushed hair from the metal needle, then wipe the hair. The cat brush button on the handle saves time and effort when grooming and cleaning.

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FloralFelineGroomer Brush